Welcome to Warlord!

What is Warlord?

What is Warlord?

Warlord is a live action full contact fantasy battle sport based in Missoula, Montana. Participants engage in medieval fantasy combat with full garb and padded weapons. Events are held regularly every other Saturday at parks in and around Missoula. Weekend long Campouts are also held during warmer months.

How do I play?

The first step is to create a fictional character for yourself. You’ll need to pick a battle name and class. The classes page can help with picking your class. Good resources for a name include history, legend, and any number of fantasy name generators you can find through google.


Combat is regulated by weapons with a color coded system and designated hit zones, for more info on how combat works visit the basic rules page.


The magic system is a little more abstract. We try to keep things simple so non-casters can remember the effects.

What restrictions do I have as a new player?

As a new player, you'll be required to play a Man at Arms for your first 5 events.   Also, as a new player, you will not be allowed to use any two-handed weapons, Crossbow, Bow, Javaliens or wear any armor for your first five events.

You will also be expected to attend "Newbie Talks" given by the Elders, where they will go over the basic rules of safety. These talks will be clearly announced after check-in closes. This is another great opportunity for you to get your questions answered by veterans of the game.

 What are countries? Is that a strategic meta-game?

Yes. Warlord is also a strategic game that overlays the regular events and campouts. Countries are social and fighting groups formed by like-minded players. A country can then grow their territory on the landmap. They do this by exploring hexes or taking them from other countries. You can play Warlord for years and not have to bother with countries, they’re entirely supplemental. 

Is it safe?

It’s as safe as a full contact combat sport can be! Weapons have strict safety requirements, and the marshals are quick to pull out anything that could cause injury. Headshots are illegal with most weapons and “baseball” swings are discouraged as well. It is still an active sport though, so participants are required to fill out a waiver that is stored on file. In the case of an injury, first aid kits are often brought to each event. If you’re fighting hard, you can expect to come away with a bruise or two from each event.


What do I need?

Warlord has a good amount of loaner equipment for new players. Most people don’t have a problem with new players borrowing equipment, just be careful with it and ask first. It’s recommended to wait on constructing weapons and armor until you’ve used a few at events.

Good garb makes the game more immersive and fun for everyone, so its important to strive for “period” clothing. For your first event, try and avoid denim, T-shirts, logos, and sneakers. An easy starting costume is a tabard (sort of a narrow poncho), belt, and leather boots.

What does it cost?

Nothing at this time! As the game grows, there might be $1-5 fees to help pay for adventures or other events. For the near future though, it costs you nothing!

Who runs Warlord?

Short answer: the players do! Long answer: Warlord is generally run by the Noble Council, and the Marshals. The Noble Council is made of experienced players who have contributed to the realm over a long period. The council makes important decisions for the game. A Marshal is a player who has been appointed to a position of responsibility. Marshals watch over specific segments of the game, such as spells rules or weapon safety. Sometimes the marshals convene and send matters of the game rules to a vote in the noble council.

What are spells?

Some classes have magical abilities and can dramatically reshape reality around them. Some spells do damage directly (such as Fireball), others offer protection (such as Barkskin), some heal (such as Cure Light Wounds). Some of these spells are represented by spellballs, which are thrown at a target, or cloth bands, worn around the head of the protected individual.

What are the spellcasting classes?

Rangers and Cavaliers have some limited spell casting ability, mostly centered around healing and protection spells. Druids and Clerics have more spells, but some combat ability as well. The Mage is vulnerable in combat, but has a number of offensive spells available. Full spell lists can be found in the rulebook.

How do spells and magic work in Warlord?


What is a class?

Classes offer a number of abilities or restrictions to a player.  A player who hasn’t declared a class is considered to be a Man at Arms until they do so. There is no multi-classing, you cannot mix abilities or spells from two classes.